M Removal education in Vietnam
November 23, 2018
Master Trung Nguyen from Germany
December 24, 2018

M Removal basic education with Skin Monarch CEO Mantas Vaitkevi─Źius

Date: 2019 January 19th
Event begins 10:00
Theoretical part and tasks 10:00-13:00
Lunch brake 13:00-14:00
Practice part with live models 14:00-16:00
Completion of the event and award of Certificates 16:00-17:00
All participants, who receives a certificate are eligible for 3 month online support.
Event location: Hotel “Kempinski” Universiteto g. 14 Vilnius, Lithuania
M Removal treatment
Tattoo removal is applying in the skin same like permanent make up, tattoo or Microblading. Master must use tattoo or permanent make up machine or Microblading tool to remove unwanted pigment.
Pigment removal process starts right after you begin working with needles and M Removal product. During procedure you can already see that pigment is coming out of the skin with lymph. After procedure scabs may occur on treatment area in 2-5 days. During healing process ink is coming out also and removes from skin with scabs. In some cases, client must do more than one treatment to remove all unwanted ink from skin. First treatment will always bring best results, because it removes first layer of the ink. After healing process there are no signs of damage, skin relief and trace of scars if Master followed basic M Removal treatment education rules and customer carried aftercare protocol.
Workshop will be provided during January 19th conference in Vilnius, Lithuania