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Mremoval basic training

The MRemoval method is a system for tattoo pigment removal from the skin. RMremoval is safe to the skin and effective on pigments introduced 20 years ago or as recently as yesterday. The MRemoval method has been created with a focus on safety for the skin, whether on the face or the body. The MRemoval product is formulated to target organic and inorganic pigments, decompose them and push them onto the skin’s surface. The procedure can be performed either manually or using a machine.

The training is designed for beginners and advanced trainees alike. The course is structured with a focus on the essence of the method while gaining a new specialisation.

The MRemoval training has a theoretical and a practical part. During LIVE and ONLINE training, trainees are introduced to the possibilities of the MRemoval product, user instructions, and important guidelines to achieve the maximum result. The longevous experience gained by Grand Master Ella Sakalauskienė has opened up newly discovered prospects in non-laser removal. Today, it is already possible to maintain that pigments can be removed from the skin safely and over the shortest time feasible.

The event is finished.


Sep 06 2022


Vilnius, Lithuania
Vilnius, Lithuania


Ella Sakalauskienė
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