1. SKIN MONARCH ACADEMY student can become any woman or man over 18 years old.
  2. To apply for SKIN MONARCH ACADEMY, future student must seek for information of any ongoing trainings published on our official web page or look for advertisement on social media.
  3. If training courses are found outside official SKIN MONARCH ACADEMY web page or social media, student must make sure if his/her tutor is a certified SKIN MONARCH ACADEMY master. All info of our masters can be found here: www.skinmonarch-academy.com
  4. Student must be familiarized with course prices, all types of trainings and starter pack inventory before applying to selected course.
  5. After successful registration student must communicate with his/her master constantly for receiving all the necessary information and support. Masters are liable to report back to student within 36 hours.
  6. Each student before beginning of training must sign a student agreement contract.
  7. If student is cheating he can be deprived of opportunity to receive a certificate by his/her master. Providing pictures of someone else work as their own is considered cheating.
  8. After successfully completing all stages of our basic training, student will be granted to first level certificate. Read more about our master levels here: https://skinmonarch.com/rules