M Removal – Tattoo and Permanent make up removal treatment

Tattoo removal is applying in the skin same like permanent make up, tattoo or microblading. Master must use tattoo or permanent make up machine or Microblading tool to remove unwanted pigment.

Pigment removal process starts right after you begin working with needles and M Removal product. During procedure you can already see that pigment is coming out of the skin with lymph. After procedure scabs may occur on treatment area in 2-5days. During healing process ink is coming out also and removes from skin with scabs. In some cases, client must do more than one treatment to remove all unwanted ink from skin. First treatment will always bring best results, because it removes first layer of the ink. After healing process there are no signs of damage, skin relief and trace of scars if Master followed basic M Removal treatment education rules and customer carried aftercare protocol.


BASIC EDUCATION- this course depends on our treatment education. It takes part in organized special hygienic environment at Master education center. Course can take 1 to 2 days. Student can choose specific treatment course or a full set of treatments education. After completing this course, student can register to „M STUDY“ online support.

„M STUDY“- this is a virtual online education support system created to improve knowledge gained on our BASIC EDUCATION courses. Online support will help our students to understand and avoid mistakes for future works. Online support length depends on each students training course. Video education support system will help you to achieve a highest Master certificate level. For additional information, click here.

WORKSHOP- this course is an education technique presentation and introduction of products for special „M REMOVAL“ treatments.

MASTER CLASS- this course for improved Masters, who want to upgrade their certificates level.